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Superconductor 160607 - 2007
Scaffolding & Barrier Fencing Mesh

Superconductor 160607 is a large scale temporary public installation. It was commissioned by Arts Council England for Architecture Week in Queenborough & Rushended, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK, in June 2007.

"Built following a plan from 13th Century Islamic architecture, Superconductor 160607 raised questions about the architectural and built environment alongside its function as a stimulating and enjoyable installation that encouraged exploration and play. In response to the success of the installation at Trafalgar Square Gaia Alessi and Richard Bradbury drew up plans for a modular version of the work that could be tailored to suit a variety of locations, and came up with a simple and elegant solution. This modular method has been used to create an installation for the old Twyford’s site in Queenborough & Rushenden which is unique and particular to its environment. It was constructed of two ever-present materials in the contemporary cityscape: scaffolding poles and high-visibility perforated plastic sheeting. These materials are purely functional, yet curiously magnetic. Whilst scaffold is a very quick, safe and reliable method of building a temporary structure, it is also a rather elegant one that is easily overlooked, since scaffolding is never considered as anything other than a means to an end."

text by Emma Underhill